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Are you an existing business whose sales have stalled and/or you want to grow? 

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Infuse some entrepreneurial spirit into your business

New Revenue Streams

Summary Statement

Has your business been around for 5 or more years and your sales have plateaued? If you have reached your full sales potential with an existing product offering or category maybe it's time to re-imagine what your company offers. To do that you need to engage your current customer base to uncover an unmet need or get out and discover a customer base you have never considered servicing.

Grow Existing Product(s)

Summary Statement

Do you have an existing product that is starting to gain a good amount traction. Maybe it's time to add a full sales support team, or ramp up your customer service department. Focusing on the critical factors that impact you over the next 6 months is how to create sustained growth. Uncontrolled growth can be the biggest killer of your company.

The Program

For Existing Businesses


The right match


  • Revenue: $500K - $5M.

  • Employees: at least 4 W2 employees


  • A desire to grow and expand your business.

  • A willingness to institute analytics and metrics tracking.

  • Owner / Founder has a willingness to pivot based on customer feedback.


How it works

Step 1: Two interviews - The first to learn about your business and to talk about the fit in the program, the second is an in depth whiteboard session to identify your most critical needs, the items you will focus on during the program, your deliverables.

Step 2: Acceptance - Once each party has determined there is a fit and that there is value in the program the company will officially begin the program. During the program you will have three to four deliverables that focus on the most critical aspects of your business needs.

Step 3: Weekly Mentor Sessions - Each week staff or mentors will facilitate a whiteboard session to work on your key items. The key items will be mapped out based on reasonable time frames to complete the items.

Step 4: Monthly Advisor Sessions - Each month your advisor will facilitate a check-in session to evaluate your work to date. You may complete a whiteboard session to map out any obstacles to accomplishing your critical success factors.


1:1 Mentoring


Weekly whiteboard sessions


Community events


Free access to space


Community connections


Focus on critical factors


Subject matter experts

Our space

Furnished office space


250Mbps internet access


Secure building WIFI


Ethernet subnet


Electric car charging


Physical mailbox


Printing services


Free coffee & tea


Kitchen access


Flexible workspace


The  Program & Office Space


Existing Business:


$600 per month*

Office Space (If Needed)


$200 - $250 per month


$1,000 Refundable

Deposit required as well as general liability renters insurance.

* Program duration is specific per entrepreneur based on the critical success factors you want to tackle.