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Who We Are

A foundation taking the stress out of school, and off of you

The Exchange and Training Foundation was founded in 2005 by Jacky Guo, an educator and science teacher with over a decade of tutoring and student coaching experience. Filled with enthusiasm for alternative and scientifically-backed teaching methods, she began designing lessons for her students that focused on skills that would carry them much farther than a diploma. It was from these lessons, on topics such as time management, study habits, organization, goal planning, presentation skills, and more, that Student Coaching Services was born.

Since then, XTF has grown to include programs for a wide swath of needs, most notably college and career planning. XTF has also grown to include a team of tutors and coaches from certified education backgrounds, all especially talented at bringing the best out of students.

Mission Statement

What drives our organization

We take the stress out of school, and off of you!

What Will You Get

Benefits of Student Coaching Services
Incubate, Create, and inspire

Results-Focused Coaching, like what we do at Student Coaching Services, has been proven to be a long-lasting asset to students. Students who receive regular, personalized, coaching have significantly higher GPAs, test scores, and are more likely to complete a college degree program than students who are left to "figure it out" on their own.

Schools rarely have the resources to support all students at the level they truly need. Student Coaching Services gets to know our students better than most teachers are able. This means we can create a specialized plan that works with our students' exact strengths and challenges, and continuously follow up to make sure they're on track.

There's no need to worry about driving your student to yet another activity, Student Coaching Services is online! We've partnered with Google to bring students an immersive educational experience. Students and Coaches meet via video or phone chat, share screens for tutorials, and work simultaneously on shared documents.