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Event Space

Unit 01, 82/F International Commerce Centre
1 Austin Road West, Hong Kong

View our event spaces below to gain better insight into what our rooms can provide for you. Select the room best-suited for your business needs and reserve it now! 

**Please note that due to the pandemic, our facilities are not available for rent at this time. We look forward to offering this service again in the future.**

Event Room

Event Room

For meetings with 8 or more people

Our amenities make this room perfect for classroom style or round-table meetings.

Amenities: 10 tables and 35 chairs, a dry erase board, a drop-down screen with a projector, a display TV with PC and Mac capabilities 

Rate: $30.00 an hour

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Conference Room

For your Executive Meetings

The room provides a space for up to 8 people to meet and effectively carry out meetings. 

Amenities: a conference table for 8 people with center power, a projector and a TV display wired for both PC and MAC hookups

Rate: $20.00 an hour

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